Instructions and Conditions

The lending and use of our facilities, equipment, software and services is subject to a series of rules and conditions. On this page we explain how the reservation process works and to which rules and conditions it is subject.

How does lending work?

The following steps are involved:

1. Register a project with the BMS Lab and fulfill all the associated requirements.

2. Request the reservation of the equipment or facilities you need through this website.

  2a. Need software development, data storage or data processing services? Study the respective pages and fill out the right form to provide us with the right information.

3. Await the emails informing you about the approval of your project and reservation request.

4. Pick-up your reservation's content on the time and date specified.

5. Return what you lend in the required state (thus cleaned, empty of research data and charged and ready for the next user).

6. Mention BMS Lab in your research work's acknowledgement section. Consider co-authorship in case relevant. 

When can I lend something from the BMS Lab or make use of its services?

Lending is subject to the regulations and conditions laid out on our terms and conditions page and our conditions for lending document. Making use of any of the facilities, equipment, software or services is only possible after a project has been registered at BMS Lab. Approval of the project is needed before lending can commence. Read more about this on our special registration page.

Borrowing a "ReMarkable tablet" or "Streaming Kit" for use during your study is exempt from the requirement to register a project (read more).

If you'd like to make use of our development or data storage or processing services, then read more on the respective pages.